Beach Day Musts

Let's talk about beach essentials, shall we? I love going to the beach, after all, I grew up in one of the 7,107 islands in the Philippines. I remember my childhood where my friends and I would secretly head to the shore to pick up seashells, looked for trapped small fishes in a small pool during low tide and play fun games.

And oh, we have to be careful not to get ourselves wet with seawater lest we are found out. Ah, simple thing where have you gone? Fast forward 2 decades, going to the beach is not as simple as child's play anymore. Now that I live in a city far from the beach, it would take me more than 2 hours drive to get me to the nearest shores. Preparation is a must.

So what are my beach day musts? Scroll down to find it out. ;)

Beach Day Musts

Top 10 #beachDayMusts

  1. A cute one-piece swimsuit: I'm a bit conservative when it comes to clothing and it's also the same for my swimwear.  I'm not talking about being old-fashion but rather style pieces that makes me feel comfortable and at the same time cute. I find that Adore Me online shop offers these swimwear pieces that cater to my liking. I love a number of styles from their one-piece swimwear line that it's hard to pick one. They are the Maliah, Lucianna, and Azra swimwear pieces. In the end, I've decided to feature Azra one-piece from them. I love that Adore Me offers a wide range of size options for different body types and sizes.
  2. Sunscreen: Before heading off to the beach make sure to apply sunscreen. In fact, don't just wear it on days when you head off to the beach. Wear sunscreen every time you head out those doors to protect your skin from the sun and prevent damage.
  3. Sunnies: And of course, it's important to protect your eyes as well from the sun's harmful UV rays. Red retro round sunglasses can be found here.
  4. Wide Brim Hat: By now you'd probably think I'm overdoing this sun protection thing. But hey, it's better to play safe. As they say, prevention is better than cure. :) Wide brim straw hat from French Connection available at Asos.
  5. Huge Tote Bag: A big carry-on bag to bring with me all my personal stuff and what not during that relaxing day to the beach. Chevron structured tote bag available at Target.
  6. Cover up Dress: I love cover-up dresses that's simple and chic enough for my beach day bustle. Ruffle cover-up dress available here.
  7. Sandals: Comfortable footwear is definitely a must.  Havaianas sandals available here.
  8. Towels: Some private beach venues (resorts and villas) have towels for use by their customers. But I make sure to secure one whether the place I go to has it or not.
  9. Makeup (optional): I don't really wear makeup when I head off to the beach but applying cheek and lip stain wouldn't hurt. Who would want to look pale on their outing to the beach right?
  10. Cold drinks: Going out and about under the sun could be dehydrating,  make sure to order that cold mocktail to freshen and quench that summer heat thirst or a glass of cold water will do.

There you go. Those are my top 10 beach day musts. Ah, I tell you I'm dreaming of a weekend trip to the beach right now. How about you? Do you have a list of beach day musts that you can't live without? Let me know them in the comment section below too. ;)