Our Living Room After 4 Months

It has been 4 months since we became homeowners. Whew! We've definitely come a long way from nothing: no sofas, formal dining table, kitchenware and on and on. What do you know? We're a young couple who just moved to the US early this year. Within 5 months of familiarizing ourselves in our new environment, God blessed us our first home. Yay! Praise our Lord Jesus Christ! We love our new home! We are motivated to dress it and keep it in a way that speaks more about who we are as persons.

So today, I'm going to give an update of how our living area looked like after 4 months because Lightroom monthly payments must be utilized. Ahahaha! #justkidding


I've found these 2 distressed gold wall art deco's from Home Goods 2 weekends ago. I have yet to decide on their placement but for now they look good on where they're at.

I saw these mirrors on clearance at Target a few weeks earlier. I thought it add ups to the overall look of our living area. My husband wasn't as thrilled as I am at first but then I had to convinced him to get 'em for our house especially when I saw something like these from Pottery Barn afterwards. Eagan Multipanel Small Mirror from Pottery Barn costs $299 USD each. Whooooaaahh! But these two costs $40 USD at Target. Link from here. Thank God, it was still available when we went to pick it up yesterday. I'm a happy wife. #bigsmile

I didn't study interior design so I don't care how the books say how it should be done. As long as it's nice, inviting and clean then it should work just fine.