Review: bodycology Scarlet Kiss Fragrance Mist

Turn heads with our intoxicating fragrance made with rich pomegranate luscious peach and warm vanilla. For a splash of fragrance and energy, spritz lightly on wrists, neck, and shoulders ‑‑ or, for all‑over freshness, spray into the air and let the fine mist gently surround you.  ~ bodycology

bodycology Scarlet Kiss Fragrance Mist product review

I've recently got into the habit of picking-up interesting body products whilst shopping. I'm sure, this is just a fleeting hobby of mine. Haha! Anyway, let me share with your my thoughts on bodycology's fragrance mist in Scarlet Kiss.

  • Cheap. This is price at 3.99 for 237mL.
  • The packaging is average. The labels on the front & back of the spray bottle could be easily removed or scratched. No complaints. This is less than $5 USD anyways.
  • It has a chic feminine scent. Quite seductive actually.
  • The scent hangs on for a while but you can always reapply.

Overall, bodycology's fragrance mist in Scarlet Kiss is a product, I find, worth trying for. It doesn't break the bank. The scent is something I would wear on lovely date nights too. ;)

Have you tried any of bodycology's fragrance mists? Let me know how you find it in the comment section below.

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