Cosmic Beauty

As I gaze up to night sky with the moon shining so brightly behind the scattered clouds. 
I couldn't help but wonder in amazement, "What cosmic beauty!" 
The clouds at one moment may hinder its splendour to be displayed in its full glory 
yet it's reflected light couldn't help but overflow from behind. 
Creation's magnificence invited me to come into deep thought.
I then said to myself, "what could this enigma mean?"
I thought and thought yet I couldn't find the answer
Until the Creator Himself gave me the key to unlock such revelation 

Cosmic beauty prose

The moon could only shine from a borrowed light
Yet You've given me glory and honor far above creation
And set me high up above the skies because of mercy
Where will I be without Your unfailing love?

You've burned the unnecessary pieces of my life with Your raging fire of passion
It is Your Light who guides me as I traverse my way through life.
Without You, Oh Lord, my existence would be like a dark and moonless sky
Devoid of beauty, devoid of meaning, devoid of a future.