Review : Premier Moisture Cream For Multi Use and Luxury Hand Cream

Today I'll be sharing my thoughts regarding these Dead Sea products from Premier. I bought these products at a store near the Dead Sea during our recent trip to Israel December of 2014. These are 2 Moisture Creams for Multi Use and a Luxury Hand Cream bought at $10 USD for 3.

The store was having a promo when we visited. I couldn't miss the chance to buy because who knows when are we going back or if we are ever going back. The promotion was, if you buy any Dead Sea merchandise, you will also get free AHAVA products from them. Thank God, I've religiously documented our trip to Israel in my instagram account. Because of that I can still be able to show you the products we've bought from the store which some of them have already been used up.

Time to introduce you to these products.


A silky, high performance cream with Dead Sea minerals, liposomes and botanical extracts that is immediately absorbed by the skin without leaving a slick, oily residue. It develops a protecting film on the skin leaving your hands soft and luxuriously smooth.

How to Apply: Twist the cap from the tube and spread the cream on the hands and massage gently.


A very high performance all purpose moisture cream enriched with Dead Sea minerals, liposomes and botanicals which provides a relaxing feeling, and helps protect the skin against dryness. The valuable Dead Sea minerals combined with plant extracts ensures that the skin becomes smooth soft and beautiful looking. Suitable for all skin types.

How to Apply: Twist the cap from the tube and gently massage on to your skin until absorbed.


  • The consistency of these products are just perfect. It's not too thick and not too thin either. The moisture cream can be used on your hand, body and/or face but I preferably use it for my face. I also prefer moisturizers with no SPF so I can use it for both day and night. 
  • It's very hygienic. Both creams squirts out from the tube according to your preferred amount.
  • The skin just loves it! It's absorbing the cream like it's been devoid of moisture for ages. It has a silky finish. However, I must say that this moisturizer just doesn't work for the cold months/winter season. I have combination skin but during the winter season it turned dry. I wouldn't suggest using this cream at all. I'd rather use an oil-base moisturizer during those cold seasons.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Doesn't leave a residue.
  • Both of the creams have subtle scents. You wouldn't even recognize it. My husband loves the hand cream but I'm not a fan of it because I like my hand creams to smell good after application. Yes, I like those hand creams that gave of a flowery or fruity yet subtle sweet scent.

Overall, this is an okay product. I wouldn't say it's a must have but it delivers.