Blue Winter

How I've acquired this blue fur coat is an interesting story of its own. Deary and I were just wandering around our new neighborhood in Singapore and gamely agreed to check out the Salvation Army shop. It's the first time we stop by to visit and we really don't know what to expect.

I was browsing through the winter coats when I saw this gem. It had one missing button on its end near the hem only to find out that it was just hidden inside its pocket. Salvation Army sold for $70 SGD but I've bargained it for $50 SGD. Glad the attendants agreed. 

petite fall winter outfit ideas
petite fall winter outfit ideas
petite fall winter outfit ideas
petite fall winter outfit

I'm super duper elated with my find at the Salvation Army. It's the perfect size for my petite frame. Winter coats are really the cash burners when you spend on winter clothing. With this find, I sure do save a lot without compromising style. It's not really the amount you've paid that matters, it's on how you style it, your confidence level, and how comfortable you are in what you are wearing. ;)

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