The Heat is on in Saigon!

Just arrived from Vietnam and we had a blast! Food is awesome! Art is cheap and people are hospitable. It's really a must visit place. Immediately a day after our trip, me and my hubby we're raving about Vietnamese cuisine and how we both love it. I was not really a fan of Vietnam food but I'm now a convert. Thanks to our short trip and to my brother in law who showed us around. We did a DIY walking tour to the following places in order: Saigon Opera House, People's Committe Building, Notre Dame Saigon and Saigon Central Post Office before going to Nha Hang Ngon for lunch. I can't wait to share you more details about our trip in the next succeeding posts. Stay tuned!


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Long Champ Victoire Bag
Straw Fedora Hat from Rubi Shoes
Sunglasses from Rubi Shoes
Mint Necklace from Lovisa